World Class Performance

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I don’t think anyone jumps out of bed and says, “Boy, I hope I’m mediocre today!” However, I wonder how many of us rise thinking, “I believe I’m going put in a world-class performance today.” And that makes me wonder why not?

Is it enough to just get through the day? I don’t think so. Life is short. I know every single person possesses something they do at a world-class level. I have a friend who is a world-class listener, another who completely gives everyone a clean slate every day, and a husband who has the world-class superpower of adapting to whatever situation he’s in and does it with a great attitude.

What’s your something? Maybe you’re not world class yet, but you are damned good at it. The Talent Code, a must read written by Daniel Coyle, suggests that mastery comes with deep practice. You’ve been doing something a bunch of hours. Maybe you bowl or play video games. Whatever it is, you have probably been doing it since you were very young.

I can remember my grandmother saying, “Beth, you a wonderful storyteller.” I think I was about 7 when we had that conversation. Turns out that was a significant conversation in my life.

What are you doing? How could you put in a world-class performance? I barely know Stephanie Bednar, but I suspect she is a world class mom. My friend Nancy Starr, who believes in pouring rocket fuel on potential, has impacted so many CEOs and business leaders in her life. The ripple effect she has had on all the people in all the businesses is beyond world class. My bowling coach and dear friend, Susie Minshew, is a world-class coach who uses bowling as a vehicle to teach others to be world class in their lives! My children perform, each in their own way, at a level that has world class written all over it… I know that sounds like the ramblings of a proud mom, but you should meet them!

I could go on and on because I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by others whom I’m pretty sure jump out of bed each day and insist on getting the most out of the next 24 hours. I hope you’ll do that. If you lead a team, I want to know what you consider world-class leadership. What would that look like?

If you are on the sales team, how will you determine you’ve had a world class day? Name it. Give it detail and then live that day every day. If you are the party host, how can you know you’ve delivered world-class performance?

Step one is deciding what “world class” looks like. Step two is imagining that is YOU. Step three is doing whatever it takes to be world class.

Share with me where you are. What step are you on? Most world class anything needs a coach. If you aren’t where you want to be yet, give us a call!

Set Your New Year Goals Now

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We are just 31 days from the New Year. Did your jaw just hit the floor in shock? Yeah, mine did, too. Thankfully, as a leadership team, we meet every quarter to plan for that quarter and then spend two days together during our annual planning session.

At our annual planning session, we set our company goals or rocks as we call them, for the entire year. As leaders, we plan our quarterly rocks and those rocks, in turn, support our company rocks. By doing this, we have been able to achieve our goals.

Goals – Gotta Have ‘Em!

So why set goals? Goals help us drive with purpose. They help us get our business to where we want. Imagine joining a baseball team and having the manager say, “Let’s go to the World Series. I don’t know how we are going to get there, or what we need to do, but it looks fun.” I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t feel very confident we would be hitting home runs and winning World Series rings. Business is the same way. If we don’t have a clear vision of what we want to accomplish, we are wandering in the wilderness.

Create a Plan

Zig Ziglar said, “Plan your work and work your plan.” The plan is the roadmap to get you and your business to the end goal. That means planning the next year, three years, five years, or even ten years down the road. Spend the time setting those yearly sales goals and any other goals you want your center to achieve. After you know what you want to achieve next year, look at your promotions for the year, see how many events are possible, what new games or changes you want to make, and schedule training. The point is you need to have a plan.

Setting Goals the SMART Way

To set goals, make sure they are SMART. SMART goals are:

Specific – Does your goal clearly and specifically state what you are trying to achieve?

Measurable – How will you and others know if progress is being made on achieving your goal? Remember, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Attainable – Is achieving your goal dependent on anyone else? What factors may prevent you from accomplishing your goal?

Relevant & Realistic – Why is achieving this goal important to you? What effect will achieving your goal have for you or your business?

Time-Based – When will you reach your goal? Goals need a deadline or you won’t be motivated to complete them.

Your goal is to eat an elephant, but how do you do that? One…bite…at…a…time.

Here’s an example. Let’s say your goal is to do $2 million next year. Take that and break it down into what you need to achieve monthly, weekly, even daily. It might look like this:


2018 Goal

$2 Million





20% Parties


Parties Monthly


Parties Weekly


Parties Per Week

31 (based on $250 party average)


Breaking it down this way gives us specific goals to meet. We can measure it. We know it’s attainable and realistic and that we have to meet it by the end of the year. We even went further to show how we are going to reach 20% of those sales with birthday parties. And now we have to do the work.

Breaking Down Your Goals

Now’s the time to evaluate how you are going to achieve your goals. To be successful, break down your goals by quarter. Have a scorecard for each goal so you can see how you are measuring and meeting the goal.

Let’s use birthday parties as an example. We know in the first quarter of the year birthday parties tend to be in season. How do parties look for quarter two? Usually not so good, so we know at the beginning of the year we need to lay the groundwork to fill slower months. So we plan a birthday club, make phone calls, or even create marketing initiatives to drive quarter two sales.

To help you with your goal setting, I’m giving you our SMART Goal Worksheet. Use this when planning your goals next year. It will not only help you break your goals into tasks but also help you plan for obstacles.

If you need help setting goals, making a plan to achieve those goals, and someone to keep you accountable, we can do that! Our coaches are wonderful and help businesses every day meet and exceed their goals. Just reach out to me or someone on our team and we will be sure to help.

So May Reasons to Be Thankful

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Who doesn’t love this time of year? Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to reflect on all the wonderful things in our lives. All of us here at TrainerTainment are thankful for our amazing customers, friends, and jobs that allow us to have fun while helping others grow. It doesn’t get much better than that! This Thanksgiving we wanted to share what we are thankful for, and we would love to hear what YOU are thankful for! Be sure to share with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Beth Standlee

I love Thanksgiving. We cook, we spend time together as a family, and we intentionally give thanks for our friends and loved ones. I love this country; I love my family which extends to the people we work with and the clients we serve. This year has moved along quicker than any before. We’ve had the birth and death of several loved ones. People have moved away and moved home. Clients have come in and out of our programs. The only thing that is constant is change, and I am grateful to have the ability to adapt. I am most thankful for my husband JD. He would be uncomfortable with me shining the light on him. But it is his superpower of adaptability that helps me be grateful for each day. He is a two-time winner of cancer this year and managed treatment with an unbelievable amount of grace and stamina. As we get ready to close the book on 2017, I want you all to know how appreciated you are. I love you, I’m thankful for you, and life is better because you are in it.


J. Brock

I am so thankful for my family and the time we spend together, even more so now that we are separated by 400 miles. And I am thankful for being part of the Trainertainment family and the opportunities that we have in helping our customers realize their potential.


Vivian Conterio

This year has been a truly amazing year. I find myself feeling grateful for every little thing. So it is a given to feel grateful for all the big things in my life, but I truly feel blessed by each little thing that sometimes we take for granted or at first do not seem to be a blessing at all.  I am grateful for all the hard times that I have had throughout my life, they have taught me so many important lessons that I needed to learn to not only be a better person but to instill these values in my child.  I am grateful for friends that have taught me the meaning of selflessness, and those who have taught me that sometimes friends are better than family. I have been truly blessed this year with good health for my family and for my husband and having a cancer-free screening. I feel blessed with each sunrise, and each sunset because it is only a reminder that we have another chance to do it all again.  God has blessed me with the best work-family ever! One that is not afraid of working hard, crying when needed, consoling each other, and lastly, not afraid of having fun!


Janice Jokkel

I am thankful for so many people in my life.  Starting with my husband, children and mom who stepped into our family business so I can take on a new journey with Trainertainment.  For my Trainertainment Family who embraced me with open arms two years ago. I am honored to be a part of such an AMAZING Team.


Laura O’Neal

Besides friends and family (standard and true answer to the question “What are you thankful for?”) I’m also thankful for change.  When things are going well they can get even better.  When things aren’t going so well, they can reverse and start to look up.  I’m thankful for the wonderful growth and changes at Trainertainment, including new products, team members and clients.


Amy Madson

I’m thankful to have a life full of wonderful friends and family who enjoy exploring the world through travel.  I’m thankful for a house that is truly a HOME because of my husband and fur babies.  I’m thankful for not 1, but 2 fun “work lives” that aren’t “jobs” truly because of the people I work alongside. And I’m thankful for the decent health of my family.  Live each day fully.   Be curious.  Explore.  Try new things.  We never know what may come next.


Marlies McKie

There are so many things in my life that I’m thankful for; I could send a very long list. That in itself is a reason to be thankful for. Life is a journey. Let me just say that I’m thankful for the countless blessings I have been able to enjoy on this journey.


Phil Showler

I am thankful for my family. Our grandson coming to us this year was such a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord as it says in Psalms 127:3. Our children and my wife are all why I do what I do every day whether it’s pastoring a church, helping build TrainerTainment or just praying for someone in dire need.


Rosie Salas

This year I’m thankful for being home. This will be our first real Thanksgiving in four years, and I’m so excited to be home with all of my family as they have been amazing during our transition home. Also thankful for my amazing husband Aaron and my boys Dominic, Jordan, and Pierce. They just make life so much better. And of course, I’m thankful that the Astros are the 2017 World Series Champs! Has made my year!


Kim Wheeler

My life was shaken up a bit this year, and I wasn’t sure where I’d land. This man, my husband, not only supported the decisions I made but encouraged me to take a risk and step out on faith. I did, and landed an amazing job with amazing people, at Trainertainment. He had picked me up and rebuilt my confidence when it was low, helped me rebuild my faith in God, tells me I am beautiful every day, drives me bananas, and he loves all 5 of our children, unconditionally.  He works hard every day to show his commitment and support to our family. I don’t tell him enough, but I am so thankful that I have this man in my corner.  He is our rock, and this Thanksgiving, with all the things I am thankful for, he is the one that most needs to be recognized. Happy Thanksgiving!



Tools to Overcome Objections

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How many times, when booking a birthday party, have you heard one of these phrases?

  • Let me talk to my husband.
  • I’m just shopping around.
  • I need to think about it. Can I call you back?
  • It costs too much.

These are just a few of the money objections I have heard during my years of booking birthday parties. Objections are very common during the sales process and there are ways to handle them that will get you further in the sales process and close more sales.

Let Me Talk To….

Let me talk to my child, husband, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or dentist is one of the most common phrases used when booking a birthday party. A great response would be:

“I’m so glad you told me that! We always want to be sure that our party is the best choice for you and your child. May I ask what do you think your husband will think about having Susie’s party here?”

When asking this type of question, you are gathering more information about what it will take to book the party. You are finding out what the customer’s needs are and how we can meet those needs.

I’m Just Shopping Around

When a birthday caller tells you, “I’m just shopping around,” it’s the perfect opportunity to sell them on why they don’t need to shop around, that you are the only and best option for Susie’s birthday party. Don’t let this question derail you from using the BDSQF. If they call and say they just wanted to see how much your birthday parties are, your response is to jump right into the BDSQF and reassure them they have called the right place.

During closing, the caller is likely to say, “Thanks for the information. Like I said, I’m just shopping around.” Be prepared and know your competition! “I understand. Maybe I can save you some time. We have details on other parties in the area. I’m happy to share that information with you.”

Use this as an opportunity to keep them on the phone with you, showcase your center and its incredible value, and convince them you are the best place for birthday parties.

It Costs Too Much

To overcome this obstacle, you need to know your competition and truly believe and understand how you are more valuable than going somewhere else. Be sure you focus on the conversation and answer their questions but follow the script. Remember, don’t give price first! If you do, it will ALWAYS be too much.  When the caller asks, “I’m calling to get the price on your parties,” acknowledge they want the price and jump right into the script. You can help combat this by wording it this way.

“I’m so glad you called. We have the best parties in town. Let me get you the prices but can I get a little information first to be sure we get you the right party so you have the best time?”

We have learned that 7 out of 10 times, this will go away if you follow the BDSQF and the closing process by asking one simple question: “Of these parties, which party do you think Susie and her friends would enjoy the most?” Using this question during the closing process will make the focus all on Susie’s happiness and her birthday rather than the price.

I hope these tips will help you overcome objections during your sales process. If you would like to learn more about the BDSQF, send Kim Wheeler an email at and she will speak with you about the process and get you a free mystery shopper report to see how your center is doing.

I Didn’t Even Notice I Reached My Goal!

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During a recent daily walk, I noticed I had gotten all the way to Starbucks (about 2 miles) and nearly back home and had not checked my Fitbit once to see how many steps I’d taken. It was fascinating because I used to be pretty obsessive about checking how many steps I had for the day and how much more I would have to walk to reach the goal. Was I getting the job done? What else will it take?  How much more time would I need to put in? Obsessive is the right word. I never do anything a little bit.

It was interesting, though, because, after 165 days of being pretty relentless about making sure I got the job done, I found I didn’t need to check to see where was. I had the confidence to know what I was doing would give me the results I was looking for. I know what I have to do to spend the time it takes to make sure all the steps are made. I know what happens if I don’t take care of it early in the day. I still have to get the job done but it’s a lot harder in the evening.

This got me thinking about the correlation between my walking life and real work. At our company, you know we’re focused on helping the people we work with sell more and lead their businesses at a high level. When coaching others, we are obsessed with having the right score with the right measurements to understand if and when the job is getting done. Are we taking the right steps to get the results we seek? (Pun intended!)

In selling, one of those big daily steps winds up being how many meaningful conversations you have with a potential buyer. A meaningful conversation only counts when you have a next step with someone. Next steps are defined as:

  • You set a follow-up appointment with a time or date.
  • You booked an event.
  • You learned you weren’t talking to a decision-maker but got the right name and set an appointment with yourself to follow up.
  • The potential buyer told you to buzz off so you marked them off your list and added someone new.

When you figure out your ultimate goal (how many events you need to book in order to have the sales you want), you can better understand how many meaningful conversations you must have. By the way, you also have to understand what your close ratio is. It’s simple math. When I have X number of meaningful conversations, I close Y number of parties/events which = $XXXXX.XX.

So, the BIG goal (the ultimate sales number) is like my 12,000 steps each day. In order to make that happen, I have to put one foot in front of the other 12,000 times. It doesn’t matter if I run or walk or stroll or get up every hour and make sure I move. I have to take it literally one step at a time every day.

If it takes you 50 meaningful conversations in a week to book 25 events (50% closing ratio), then you better be having NO less than ten or more meaningful conversations each day. I personally would bump that up 20% (12) just to be sure. AND I would get that done earlier in the day since everything is harder late in the day. I promise that sometime after 65 days in a row of being relentless in your pursuit, you’ll look up and think WOW! I didn’t even check and I’ve already reached my goal for the day!

When that happens, maybe you can break for lunch and walk to Starbucks and also reach your step goal!