FEC Marketing Made Easy Vol 4

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Welcome to the May marketing blog!

If you haven’t read the other marketing posts from this year, you can find them here. If you are new to the blog, each month we’ll share information about what’s happening in social media and marketing, give you promotion and marketing ideas for your center, and answer questions you have about marketing your FEC. Just submit your questions to marketing@trainertainment.net.

Let’s get started on this month’s topics.

Social Media Check-Up

When is the last time you did a social media check-up?

Recently I had a conversation about a client who is locked out of the Facebook page for their center. They had an employee as administrator for their page and when she was let go, she deleted everyone else who was an administrator. Yes, she hijacked their account and they were asking us how to get access.

It’s not an easy process. The best way to go about it is to fill out the trademark report form. There are a few steps, and it takes time, but unless you can talk with the person who is the current admin and get your access back, this is your only option.

Types of Roles

The first thing you should check is everyone who has page roles. Know the types of roles and what each role should do.

Here is a list of all the types of roles for your Facebook page.

Source: Facebook.com

Discuss within your organization and determine who should be in each role. Remember to include role removal during your off-boarding process to protect your page.

About and Bios

When was the last time you checked your About section? Is your address correct? Do you have a valid phone number? Be sure to look through every section and double check your information.

Facebook is a great place to share more about your company, what you offer, menu items, and even your core values. For Instagram, you only get 150 characters for your bio so it’s important you utilize it well. It’s also the only place you get a clickable link. Be sure you tell people what you offer and why they should follow you.

Profile & Cover Photo

I’m always amazed when I go to pages with poor covers. The image isn’t the correct size, it’s a low-quality photo or graphic, it’s just too busy, or they have the same cover from when they created the page. Covers are great to switch out a couple of times a year to give your page a fresh look and, with programs like Canva, all your graphics should be high resolution. Same goes for your profile picture. It’s always good to stick with your logo so it’s easy for people to identify you.

Deleting Old Posts

Deleting old posts is one thing many people forget about when evaluating their social media accounts. What you posted a few years ago may not be the same image you want to portray now. Go through old posts, especially photos, and remove items that are no longer relevant.

This will give you a good check on your page. Be sure you go through each of these sections every once in a while as a quick check.

In-Center Promotions

It’s time to start thinking about promotions for August and September. Here are a few ideas of what you can plan for your center.

  • National Bowling Day is August 11th – plan a fun weekend around bowling! Host fun competitions, give out prizes and have fun specials in your center.
  • National Bronze Coaching Weekend is August 11-12. Bronze Coaching Conferences will be held in 14 locations around the country. You can find out more at here.
  • Back to school – Host a school supply drive and donate supplies to local teachers. Do a back-to-school photo contest on Facebook. Ask people to use a special hashtag and post their pictures on your page. Have your team pick their top four and have people vote to win a family fun pack.
  • Stand Up to Cancer – Get involved in this national organization. Have a fundraiser in your center. Have people fill out Stand Up for Cancer signs for $1 each.
  • National Singles Day – Host a fun singles event where people can meet up, have food and drinks, and get to know each other (hopefully Facebook’s dating app will be out by then).

I hope all these tools help you. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. Shoot me an email at marketing@trainertainment.net.


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Rosie Salas

Rosie Salas has been in the entertainment industry for 15 years. She started her career in the industry with the Albuquerque Isotopes Baseball Club working in media and community relations. While at the Isotopes, Rosie propelled the Dion’s Reading Club by tripling the enrollment numbers in one year and developed Orbit’s Kids Club which is still growing and thriving today. After continuing to develop her marketing and promotion skills in the baseball and casino industry, she began her career in family entertainment with iT’Z Family, Food, and Fun. While at iT’Z, she managed the front of house and birthday party program. She led her team to a million dollar a year birthday party program and was equally instrumental in helping lead the center to the 2009 IAAPA Top Family Entertainment Centers of the World award. Rosie expanded her FEC experience by helping iT’Z open multiple locations before joining the TrainerTainment team. She joined the team as the director of marketing and is an important part of the leadership team. Rosie has created marketing initiatives that have helped TrainerTainment grow 30% year over year. She has also created programs FECs can easily implement to grow their people and business and has trained centers in the United States and Australia. You can follow Rosie’s work on the TrainerTainment blog at blog.trainertainment.net.

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