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Five Articles for Personal and Business Success

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One of our core values is intentional learning. This is how we define intentional learning:

Learning has always been one of the things I enjoy the most. From a young age I always wanted to read and now that I’m older I love to read for learning. While my type of reading for learning isn’t always the conventional path (yes, we are talking books!), I do spend loads of time reading. Since I have been in Jakarta, I’ve spent a lot of time in the car.

Trust me, some days I would rather be on Facebook or Instagram for the few hours of travel, but I try to spend most of my time read articles, whitepapers, or other research.

Often I come across really great articles that I share on the Trainertainment Facebook page. This week I wanted to share with you a few articles that I really enjoyed. All the articles I read this week have to do with personal and business success. I mean, we are all working to be successful in both, right? So, here are my top five articles for the week.

All Great Minds Have This 1 Habit In Common

This article is perfectly in line with our core value of intentional learning. I’m always amazed that people want to be the best in their field and grow professionally but they don’t take the time to read. In this article, you can see that some of the most successful people in the world read daily.


3 Lessons Every Business Can Learn From Chick-fil-A

It could be that I absolutely love Chick-fil-A and am craving it as we get ready to head home, but the lessons in this article are outstanding. I saw a funny post today that was making fun of Chick-fil-A and their customer service.

The founder, Truett Cathy, says it perfectly, “We aren’t in the chicken business. We are in the people business.” This alone drives the company to do things in an uncommon way and with a purpose. We could all learn something from Chick-fil-A’s success.

13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

We always talk about things we need to do in our life to make us more successful, but we don’t always talk about the things we need to give up. That is one reason I really enjoyed this article. The first one on the list is to give up an unhealthy lifestyle. That is something everyone in our organization is doing. The article lists many other things it might be good to give up, too.


Prevent Burnout by Making Compassion a Habit

Who has ever felt burnt out at work? I think we have all had those moments. There are things we can do as leaders to help others not feel burned out. This is a big deal as we don’t want to lose our top talent because of burnout. When we can find the needs and desires of our people, we can usually prevent burnout from happening. This article will help you learn empathy for others and how self-compassion will help you.


10 Mind-Sharpening Daily Activities That You Can Do in 10 Minutes Or Less

This article is about activities we can do every day to sharpen our mind. We don’t think about our mind being sharp before we work. We typically just start working and get the day going. I personally already do a few of the things on the list. If you read the blog last week, you saw that I bullet journal which means I’m making a list so I can be ready for the day and know what needs to be done. Now, I don’t know about taking a cold shower, I like mine HOT, but moving more has been a priority and being useful to someone is what we do here at Trainertainment. We are in the business of helping people and businesses grow with coaching, training, and great information like this!

My Inspiring Weekend

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This past weekend I spent a few days in Orlando with 2000 of my best friends. Okay, I’m not friends with them all but spending time with this amazing tribe of women was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

In my spare time, I sell Stella & Dot. This past weekend was my first time attending the yearly Hoopla conference. I had no idea what to expect, figuring it was just a fun weekend about women and, of course, amazing jewelry. Boy, was I wrong!

The weekend was full of learning on many different levels for me. I’ve been in sales and marketing for more than ten years and this weekend really made me realize how training can transform you as a person. No matter your age, gender, position/level, or years of experience, training motivates and inspires you.

When I started my journey in the FEC industry, I was super-motivated. I had never worked in a center before or created birthday parties, etc. It helped that I did my homework and read a lot about leadership and management, but I really craved attending conferences and meeting others in the industry who were going through the same struggles.

After I left the management side and started working with Beth, she took me to my first IAAPA. We  walked the floor that year and I remember all I could think was, “If I could have come here as a manager and attend classes or go to conferences to receive training, I could have done so much more.”

That’s how I felt when I left this weekend from Hoopla. I saw women on a journey to get what they wanted. All the stories were different yet we were all finding our extraordinary. I took classes that gave me the skills necessary to achieve the goals I set, relate with others who were finding their journey, and meet people who would encourage me to aspire to do even more.

So, consider sending your staff to events that further their leadership, sales, or whatever skills you want to grow. We host conferences throughout the year that do those very things. We would love for you and your staff to attend them. You’ll be amazed how it will inspire them!

Your BRAIN on eLearning

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games-and-brainYour brain is like a giant mansion with an uncountable number of rooms, each with space for an uncountable number of shelves. Rooms are created as you learn new subjects. They might have names such as “Things for Work,” Animals” or “Things Not-To-Do on a First Date.” The shelves are subcategories that help organize your knowledge of each subject and might have labels such as “Urgent Projects,” “Mammals” or “Bodily Functions to Inhibit.”

Your brain likes to keep a neat giant mansion. When you get a new bit of information, your brain puts it in the appropriate room and on the appropriate shelf, where you can easily find it when you need it. (Incidentally, catchy pop songs have no surface friction and leak off the shelves into your head randomly, in case you were wondering what that was all about.)

As you learn more about a subject, you begin to understand it in context and soon you become knowledgeable enough to quickly retrieve the information in just the right situation.  Amazing, right?

When you first learn about a subject, there is just a room with no shelves; any new information goes right onto a pile in the corner. And don’t get any ideas about finding a needle in a haystack, that’s amateur stuff compared to finding a specific needle in a needlestack. This slows down the process of information retrieval to a crawl.

Now, think about this: What happens when you train a new employee who has no experience in your industry (or perhaps no experience at all!)?  How often do you just sit them in a room, make them fill out paperwork, and then proceed to chuck large quantities of information at them without providing any context for that information? This type of training encourages employees to just throw all new information on the floor of their new room labeled, “Stuff To-Know-for-My New Job.”

Naturally, once that new employee starts working, they remember little of that training and they make mistakes that cost money, customer happiness, or both. Do you get annoyed and say things like, “I told you how to do that yesterday!,” or “Didn’t you learn this in training?” They were paying attention; but, you know what? Most of that information ended up in some room on the floor because, without the information being provided in a useful, interactive context, they aren’t able to organize the information on the right shelf in their mind’s new room.

“But informational context comes from experience!” you may exclaim. And you’re right!  Your new employees need some of that experience and they need it BEFORE they get to your customers.  This pre-job training is essential and TrainerTainment can help!  Experience tells us that there are two great methods to provide pre-job experience: role play exercises and online simulations. These methods are incredibly efficient because they provide necessary information, relative and immediate feedback and critical context at the same time. Bottom line, you allow your employees to build those extremely helpful shelves to stock AND organize your company’s information at the same time.  Plus, because it’s only a simulation, your employees are not costing you money because the mistakes they make are consequence free, unlike mistakes on the actual job.

If you don’t have time to set up onsite training with role play situations, try our E-Learning courses!  Our courses offer training those critical scenarios that answer those ever-daunting questions like, “what do I do if….”  They’re also great because 1) they can be done immediately as needs arise with no set up; 2) they can be repeated almost endlessly without costing you precious time; and 3) they allow the trainee to breeze past information they already know so they can concentrate on areas they need help with.

Give your employees shelves instead of expensive needlestacks! You’ll be impressed with how much they recall when starting in your business and how many fewer “new hire mistakes” they make.

Check out our interactive commercial for more information!




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